The Top Questions About Strip Clubbing and Their Answers

A lot of men still find it daunting to visit the best strip club Brisbane has to offer. Not because they’re being a pussy, but because they don’t have any idea about the proper strip club etiquette. Things can get a little too steamy, and they might screw things up.

Here is a list of the most common strip clubbing questions that may serve as your quick guide.

When do I tip and how much?

Tipping protocol varies from one club to another. You can ask the staff or a friend who is familiar with the rules of conduct of a particular club. Moreover, tips are always appreciated, and you won’t offend anyone by handing some cash.

Can I buy the dancer a drink?

Nothing’s wrong about offering, but if the girl declines, do not try to push it. After all, it won’t be safe for a girl to dance on stage while being under the influence of alcohol. Though, you may give her a tip as a gesture of gratitude for talking to you.

How do I turn down a lap dance offer?

The best strip club Brisbane has, Eye Candy in particular, is renowned for its phenomenal lap dances by the hottest showgirls. However, if you’re not comfortable with having a girl on your lap, you can politely turn down the offer. A simple “no, thanks” would suffice. Don’t try to reason out and give lame excuses, as you’re only going to sound like a complete pussy.

Is it okay to touch the dancer?

The best answer to that is “no” until she allows you to. The nature of a showgirl’s job is indeed sexual; they strip dance in front of customers and do some steamy stuff, but that doesn’t mean you can freely act like a pathetic pervert and touch the girl without even asking.

Can I ask for their numbers?

Asking for personal info, such as real names and mobile numbers, is a big no-no when strip clubbing. Whether you are talking to a dancer or a bartender, exchanging private information with club employees is prohibited. These people have their own life outside the bar and may have a husband or a wife. They’d rather keep things private and set a boundary between work and personal life.

What if I get a boner?

Being surrounded by beautiful girls with the hottest bodies, any man is definitely going to get aroused. While getting engorged may seem a little awkward, it’s totally okay; that does only show you’re a real man. Just don’t get a little too excited and lose yourself in the ecstatic moment.

When you visit the best strip club Brisbane has, expect to see the prettiest dancers who will surely blow your socks off. While being surrounded by fascinating strip dancers may leave you feeling a little hypnotised, remember to get a hold of yourself if you don’t want to deal with the hefty bouncers.